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Will it Help My Allergies?

Many people are allergic to dust mite waste. Dust mites feed on debris found in ductwork. Remove the debris and you remove their food. Also, by greatly reducing particulate debris in your ducts, there are less dust particles and potential allergens in the air to aggravate those with respiratory illnesses.

I live In New Home, Do I Still Need Your Help?

Absolutely! Up to 50% of air duct system cleaning is done in homes that are less than five years old. During construction, the ductwork is wide open and the air handler is running many times without a filter. During this time, construction debris such as pieces of plaster, drywall, wood, dust, insects and insulation, are accumulated in the ductwork.

How Will I Know If I Need it?

By using a video inspection system, our technicians can show you how dirty your system is. It can also show you the “before” and “after” of your duct cleaning, so you know that it’s a job well done. Air Duct Cleaning Charleston SC will Get it done.

Air Duct Installation Charleston Roto BrushAir Duct Installation Charleston

As a SC Licensed Heating & Air Conditioning company, Air Duct Cleaning Charleston is frequently called upon for Air Duct Installation in new homes and homes undergoing renovation.

Air Duct Installation What is so special about ?

Air Duct Installation is a science.  The work  is accomplished by using the latest software and computer aided designs.  Air Duct Cleaning Charleston knows for example, that all of the Air Ducts cannot be of the same size.  It doesn’t make sense to have the same size Air Ducts going to a small bathroom as is supporting a bedroom or a den.  Air Duct work must be properly sized.

An Air Duct Installation is designed to get heated or cooled air from your Heater or Air Conditioner to the rooms properly for maximum comfort and efficiency.  An Air Ducts  moves 400 Cubic Feet of Air per Minute (CFM) for each one Ton of Air Conditioning.

A proper Air Duct designed to move that air more efficiently by calculating static pressures and adjusting the size of the Air Duct  itself.  If not done properly, you will experience warmer or cooler temperatures in rooms nearest the Heater or Air Conditioner and enjoy less comfort and temperature variations in rooms further away.  If you are experiencing this, your Air Duct Installation is improper.

Can Anyone Do Air Duct Installation Or Should I Hire Someone To Do It For Me?

Some feel capable of accomplishing their own Air Duct Installation when remodeling or possibly finishing a room above the garage.  If not properly “sized”, adding an Air Duct to an existing Heating & Air Conditioning System will only work marginally and at the same time deprive other areas of the home of comfort.  A proper Air Duct plan is essential.  There is only one Quart of Mayonnaise in a Quart Jar and there is only so much air coming from your Heating & Air Conditioning System.  This is why a proper and professional Air Duct Installation is a must.
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